October 27, 2022 Admin

Alpha City – Domain migration

ALPHA – I hope the Alpha family is enjoying this run in the markets. ALPHA city continues with full development to set ourselves up as the top metaverse for 2023 and so on. As everyone knows, we have been finalizing our full beta of Alpha City where holders can go in and socialize with other Alpha holders.

In anticipation for what’s to come. We have transferred our primary website to https://alphacitymeta.com . We are currently adding the merchandise store, land previews and adding onboarding tab to be able to enter Alpha city also by mobile in coming weeks. Our Alpha App is almost ready too. We are very excited for these changes as it was needed for the long term success of our project ! All bots will be updated with new website and look for more changes soon !!!! 🚀🚀🚀🚀